Teis De Greve is a digital designer and developer with a masters degree in Interaction Design from LUCA School of Arts, Genk. He was selected as a laureate of Toegepast 21 in Z33 House for Contemporary Art in 2016. His personal work investigates our relationship with technology by breaking down and reconstructing everyday electronic artefacts, inspired by techniques from the hacker, maker and DIY cultures. Teis worked as a research assistant at LUCA School of Arts, Campus of Visual Arts Ghent and at University College Ghent, and is currently freelancing as a digital creative in Rotterdam, where he is a part of the POST—OFFICE working group.


Teis collaborated as a designer, researcher and/or developer with Z33, Koehorst In’t Veld, LUCA School of Arts, UHasselt, The New Raw, SPORKEN / ONMIN, Vooruit Arts Centre and Eurocircuits, amongst others, on a wide variety of projects ranging from graphic design to microcontroller programming.